Pictures taken from festivals, parties, recording sessions and anywhere there were Stews N cameras.
Check out some of our friends
and family websites. We have also included links to other cool websites you just have to check out.

     Links to family and friends Websites

The links below are to people we know, places we have played and other fun and interesting websites we think you should check out. We cannot be held responsible for the content contained on these websites as they are not under our control. The links should open a new browser window. If the link will not come up for you, try holding down on the CTRL key while clicking the link.

In no particular order......

The Woodticks -

Keith McManus -

Bob Shank

Rachel Eddy -

Joe Wack -

Hillbilly Gypsies -
Our Mountain State soul mates.

The Southern String Band -
Fine friends and great pickers from the state on North Carolina

Joe Dobbs -
Host of WV Public Radio's "Music From The Mountains" and purveyor of fine musical instruments (and good buddy of the Stews!!)

Snake Oil Medicine Show -
Fine friends from North Carolina whose mix of toe-tapping psychedelic/hillbilly dance music, dynamite art, and pure love just might be the thing we need to save the world.

Hypnotic Clambake -
Hosts of the Outrageous Universe Revival Festival (the O.U.R. Fest). If you like bluegrass and jazz mixed with your Klezmer music, these guys wrote the book....if you're not sure what that means, you need to check them out

Vince Farsetta -
Multi-instrumentalist, 2 time national banjo champion, and all around nice guy!!